Privacy Policy


Effective Date: January 14, 2013

This privacy policy (hereinafter "Privacy Policy") applies to your access to, or use of, the web site and services (hereinafter "Services") provided by Rocket Lawyer Incorporated and Law Pivot Inc. (hereinafter, collectively, the "Company"), located at (hereinafter "Website").

This Privacy Policy is intended to explain to you which and what kinds of information Company may collect during and in support of your use of the Website or any Service, as well as what obligations you have and what contributions you make to maintaining the security, confidentiality, and privacy of your information. Company takes commercially reasonable measures to ensure that the text of all confidential communications made within the Question and Answer Service portions of the Website remain confidential with all applicable privileges. By using the Website or any Service, you consent to the terms and conditions contained herein, collection of information and practices described herein.

With the objective of offering the users of the Website and Services the most complete and robust offerings possible, we are excited to announce that Rocket Lawyer Incorporated recently acquired Law Pivot Inc., along with the Website and Services. Rocket Lawyer will continue to comply with the terms of this Privacy with respect to information that is collected through the Website and/or the Services. In the event that Rocket Lawyer elects to update or modify this Privacy Policy, Rocket Lawyer will provide advance notice of the changes the Web Site and provide users with the ability to opt-out of the changes by terminating their participation in the Website and/or Services. If you access and/or use the Website and/or Services after any revised version of this Privacy Policy is posted, you will be indicating your acceptance of the new version of the Privacy Policy and your consent to be bound by it.

In this Privacy Policy, the word "you" and "your" refers to every visitor and user of the Website and Services.

I. Definitions

"Confidential Communications": Confidential Communications consist of the text of questions, answers, and responsive communications between users conducted over the Question and Answer Service portions of the Website.

"Non-Confidential Information": refers to all communications and content on the Website or on any Services that are not Confidential Communications. For example, Non-Confidential Information includes, but is not limited to, information identifying the sender and recipient of Confidential Communications, the subject of Confidential Communications, or the names of any adverse or involved parties associated with a Confidential Communication and its accompanying Non-Confidential Information.

"Personal Information": refers to information associated with a user's account and visible in his or her personal profile. This includes, among other things, the user's name, address, and contact information (including phone numbers and e-mail addresses). This information is usually unique to the individual and may be used to identify that user.

"Demographic Information": refers to information about characteristics that may belong to a person, but does not necessarily or uniquely identify that individual such as age, gender, zip code, or state of residence. It also includes professional information, such as the individual's job title, current or past work experience or employment, educational background, number of years in a given industry or law practice.

"Employer Information": refers to information regarding an organization, employer, corporation, business, government entity, educational institution, law firm, private practice, organization, or other entity having a legal identity.

"Security Information": refers to information relating to the security of a user account, including, passwords, passphrases, and answers to security questions.

"Account Preferences and Settings Data": refers to information which a user or participant in the Website or Services identifies and associates with his or her account in order to customize the user experience or parameters that affect the operation and use of the Website or Services in relation to his or her account.

"User Content": refers to any content, including but not limited to communications, exchanges, text, content, documents or media, video, audio, graphics, pictures, or photographs, comments, feedback, suggestions, submissions, ratings, or testimonials that the user places or makes available or accessible through the Website in connection any Service; provided, however, it does not include Confidential Communications.

"Aggregate information": refers to data, statistics, or other information which is collected, derived from any of the above information, analyzed, amalgamated, or derived by Company regarding the use of the Website or the collective characteristics of users of the Website or participants in any Service. Company uses this data among other purposes to understand trends and user needs in order to inform its efforts to improve, or develop the Website and Services and any related products and to address the preferences and desires of users.

"Usage Information": refers to data, statistics, technical, or logging information which is automatically collected during the use and operation of the Website or Services. For instance, the IP address of the computer you use to access the Website, your computer's operating system or browser, the address of a referring website, or your activity on the Website or Services in the form of page views, uploads, or data requests. Much of this information is automatically sent to Company by standard Internet data transmission protocols necessary to web browsing. Company uses this information for such purposes as analyzing user trends, maintaining and diagnosing maintenance needs, informing efforts to improve service utility or performance, targeting advertisements, and as foundation for Aggregate Information.

II. Collection and Sharing of Information

The contents of Confidential Communications are disclosed only to the recipients and/or participants to the communication in accordance with and under conditions consistent with the participants' preferences and choices (e.g., governed by the resolution and outcome of any conflict checks performed or administered by an attorney). Company takes commercially reasonable efforts to maintain the security and confidentiality of Confidential Communications, and Company personnel will not view or examine Confidential Communications except where absolutely necessary to address problems of a technical nature affecting such LawPivot User's account, or to respond to any legal process or comply with the law.

A user's Security Information is not shared or disclosed by Company to any other user or entity and is accessed by Company only where needed to assist a user with issues of a technical nature.

Account Preferences and Settings Data are not directly shared with other users or entities, but users should be aware that such preferences and settings may be apparent to other users through the user's interactions on the Website.

Certain Personal Information, Demographic Information, Employer Information, and User Content may be displayed on user profiles that are visible to other users of the Website. While Company endeavors to maintain the technical security and integrity of these types of information, they are not intended to be confidential and users should be aware that such information may be searchable and/or may reach a wider audience.

Usage Information and Aggregate Information are generated and maintained by Company, which, along with Demographic Information, non-individualized and anonymized Personal Information and User Content, may be disclosed internally or used, sold, or transferred to third parties.

III. Protecting Your Own Information

Although Company makes commercially reasonable efforts through design and implementation to maintain the confidentiality of your Confidential Communications, you acknowledge and understand that the successful maintenance of confidentiality also depends on you or your actions or inactions.

If you arrive at the Website or any Service from, by, or through any site not owned and operated by Company, be aware that Company is not in control of the privacy practices of that site and is not responsible for any actions you take or information you submit on such site.

Company is also not responsible for any disclosures you may make directly to third parties or other entities. Such third parties unless otherwise expressly stated are not within the control of Company and therefore Company cannot be responsible for what such third parties or other entities might do with any information you may provide to them.

IV. E-mail Communications from LawPivot

By using the Website and any Services, LawPivot User consents to receive e-mails from Company, including announcements, promotional materials, and service or account-related notifications necessary to make use of the Website or any Services and notices regarding updates or modifications to the Terms.

LawPivot User may opt out of receiving e-mail notifications by contacting Company via email at, or changing LawPivot User's e-mail notification settings from within LawPivot User's Company account. If the User has recently received an e-mail notification from Company, the User can choose not to receive such messages in the future by following the "unsubscribe" instructions located at the bottom of the e-mail communication from Company, or by contacting Company via email at

V. Termination of Account

Company may restrict, suspend, or terminate your account should you violate the provisions or guiding principles underlying this Privacy Policy.