We're Hiring!

Software Engineer and Web Applications Developer

LawPivot is searching for engineering candidates to build out its development and operations team. A minimum of two - three years of experience developing database-driven functionality on websites is a must, with strong preference for candidates who have familiarity and experience with implementing business logic and service functionality, optimization, and operational deployment. Experience with payment systems and processors, operational scaling, delivery of digital goods or content, or test engineering is highly desirable.

Send us your resume at jobs@lawpivot.com.


  • 2+ years of experience designing and implementing database-driven website applications and/or functionality
  • Bachelor's degree in Computer Science or EECS
  • Proficiency with Python, basic HTML and CSS
  • Proficiency with MySQL and/or non-relational databases

Desirable skills:

  • database scaling and optimizing database performance
  • web frameworks such as Django or Ruby on Rails
  • HTML, javascript and JQuery
  • git and/or svn
  • statistical analysis and/or data mining background
  • experience with cloud or remote hosting (e.g. EC2, Azure, Rackspace)